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Stories connects us and enable us to understand each other. Learn about the art of storytelling and a little about my books and speeches.

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Your archetypes

Who are you? Come on a journey with me - take the free archetypetest and get to know yourself a lot better!



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Who am I?

Sannie Teresa Burén

That question is always rumbling around somewhere in the back of my mind. It ususally creates doubt as well as  thoughtfullness, and ocationally sends me on spacetravels to far away corners of my soul, from which I return with new questions – and sometimes answers. I have now taken the consequence of all this wondering …

Photo: Anette Mølholm

For many years, I was ashamed that I apparently couldn’t find my right place. My calling.

I thought that something was wrong with me, since I didn’t know what I wanted to do the most – I was convinced that it had to be just one thing. That there was also a sort of “one and only” when talking career and my purpose in life.

I was ambitious, and I wanted my life to matter – to make something of it.

But I was also the kind of person that jumped from one project to the next, often had several jobs on the side and were always interested in new things.  I was often very enthusiastic, almost in love, in the beginning of something new, but most times, I got bored quickly. And when the boredom had first arrived it was almost unbearable – I had to move on!

Back then, I didn’t know the concept of being a “scanner”, a “Rennaissance-person” or – as some call us with a strange word – multipotentialite.

As these concepts started appearing in my life, it all made much more sense!

I started to see, that I don’t actually lack self-discipline and that I have, in many ways, been good at completing things in my life. But contrary to “divers” and other expert types, I find my nectar fast and then have to move on.

Suddenly, I could also see that there were some connecting threads in my interests, and that at least some of them, are cyclical. That means that when I have worked with something for a while I need to move on with something else – and then go back when the passion returns. Not ten wild horses can drag me back before I’m ready.

Identity and storytelling

Photo: Anette Mølholm

Amongst the most important of these connecting threads is the question “Who am I?”

Not just as a navel picking interest in my own self, but also as a fundamental curiosity of what it means to be a human being. It has sparked my interest in numerous subjects from religion, philosophy, psychology, psychotherapy and various kinds of alternative treatments, and to the brain, cognitive science and storytelling – as well as numerous ways of communication and artistic expression.

And with time I have actually become a kind of “expert” on identity and storytelling: In what creates our own understanding of who we are – and how we can work with the stories we tell ourselves and others, about who we are.

Not least the concept of “archetypes”, which you can read much more about on this website, have made me wiser.

But even though it sometimes can prove useful to be an expert, it is in itself not a goal for me. Curiosity and my desire to explore new lands is. The question is more important than the answer!

An authentic life

So, I have created my business in a way, where a lot of flexibility and opportunity for variety is possible, because that is the most authentic way for me, to live my life. And as Yvonne from the Danish film “Olsen Banden” says:

“There comes a time in every woman’s life, where she must blossom and unfold and be a woman.”

I trust that you, who choose to follow me – and maybe even buy something in my shop – can accept that I am both someone who does flower photography, writes in different genres, offers coaching and courses, hosts lectures, creates websites – and who knows what else I can think to do in a year or two?

Actually, I believe that exactly that may be an inspiration in itself, and that by following my heart and living as authentically as possible I can be a part of showing others new ways of life and doing business.

Because although I no longer have the notion of a “one and only” I still firmly believe, that everyone in this world has something unique to offer. Something that only our unique and individual mix of abilities, insights and stories can make possible.

This is why my goal is to inspire you to the best of my abilities – wheater it is through pictures or words.

If you find this interesting, I would like to invite you to follow my newsletter as well as my Facebook- and Pinterest pages. I am working towards having a blog in English too, but so far the blog (and my books) are in Danish only. Sorry …

(And if you find that this does not at all sound like something for you – then so be it!)

Thank you for visiting my website – I hope it will be the beginning of a long and warm friendship!

Love Sannie

PS If there is something, I love more than Nellie Dellies salty licorice (a Danish treat you might not be familiar with) and Café Latte, it is being headhunted for something or asked to join a project. So if you have suggestions or requests – or any kind of questions really – please don’t hesitate to contact me! I look forward to hear from you!