Når eleven er rede dukker læreren op

Jeg har undervist siden jeg var 17 år. Jeg kan ikke lade være. Så snart jeg har lært noget har jeg som regel lyst til at give det videre, enten som skrevne eller talte ord.

At holde kurser og lave projekter er med andre ord noget der falder mig naturligt, og internettet har givet mulighed for at samle folk fra hele verden på nye måder – det synes jeg er sjovt!

Derfor vil langt de fleste af mine fremtidige projekter være på engelsk.



The PenPal Project 2017, var et pilotprojekt, hvor 70 deltagere fra mere end tyve lande lærte om kunsten at skrive og sende hinanden breve på kryds og tværs af verden.

Herunder kan du læse lidt om hvad deltagerne i projektet i 2017 havde at sige bagefter.The art of writing letters - The PenPal Project 2017

Mia Thurgate


The PenPal Project is a wonderful way to connect with people from other places and cultures while learning about the art of storytelling. Highly recommended!

Nadia Gutierrez


Having that feeling of excitement and planning what to write, create a tone of voice in your letters, it’s just something you can’t describe. It is a beautiful project. Thinking that someone you do not know it’s taking the time to write you a letter, goes to the post office and sends you their beautiful thoughts —it’s just amazing!

Cornelia Avenarius


It was great to write a letter with a nice pen! Just to take time to think about how you write, find a nice paper, postcard.. decorate the letter, find nice little glitter or tape. Find new contacts round the world.

Debra Parry


I thoroughly enjoyed this project. It made such a change to put pen to paper instead of typing an email. And it felt wonderful to receive, open and read a real card or letter instead of trawling through a busy inbox. Bliss!

Toni Means


This is such a fun project! I learned so much from Sannie on the beauty of writing letters. I highly recommend this project!

Anita Gerster


The PenPal Project is a lovely way to slow down, make a time travel, enjoy precious time and thoughts with yourself and feed your curiosity! Change of perspective in the most charming way. Thank you so much for what was like a short holiday for me!

Barbara Milani


The Joy of letter waiting - The fun mail box wait - The voyage of your letter is a traversa of your soul.

Tina Krick


Handwritten Letters are like meditation. From letter to letter the writing improves.

Barbara Pfeifer


PenPal project is a great way back into old style writing. Nothing fast by email or messenger. More like thinking what you want to write and tell and how to make the letter special. And then wait till the other person gets it and responds is more exciting then the elecotronical way.

Diana Foster


What a great decision it was to sign up for the Pen Pal Project. Loved the beautifully designed lessons. I would highly recommend this class. Really admire you and your art! Thankful we met.

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