The art of writing letters - The PenPal Project 2017

  • The PenPal Project is a free, five-week challenge.
  • It is hosted by me – Sannie Teresa Burén, a Danish storyteller, coach and photographer.
  • Learn about the art of writing letters.
  • Enjoy the nostalgia of stamps and envelopes.
  • Slow down and reconnect with your heart through storytelling.
  • You will be given a pen pal, so you will receive letters by snailmail too.

Why write letters?

Why write letters when we have emails, Skype and Facebook? It is all very fast and easy …

The thing is: Letters are different.

They were actually in someone else’s hands. They were written slowly. With consideration.

In a time when everything is going faster and faster, slow becomes a challenge!

And slow is essential to recharging our hearts …

It’s all about storytelling

During the five weeks of The PenPal Project I will teach you about the art of storytelling in the form of letters.

I will inspire you to write different kinds of letters, and how to use them for different purposes.

I will do my best to spark your creativity.

However, I will NOT teach you calligraphy or English grammar…

This challenge is all about storytelling and relating to others.


Who is it for?

The PenPal Project is for you if you want to connect with others in a loving way and are curious to learn about other people and what it means to be human. Maybe you would like to deepen your understanding of yourself too?

It doesn’t’ matter if your are young or old, man or woman, rich or not so rich – all that matters is that you choose to participate fully, once you have signed up!

When is it?

We start on October 20th 2017 – a Friday. Once a week you will receive an email with an assignment to write a letter. In the first email you will get the address of your pen pal.

You should count on spending a few hours every week on writing letters. You can do more if you wish.

And you can have conversations in our Facebookgroup too …

Yes, we will have a Facebookgroup!


Because the art of writing letters is not about renouncing modern ways of communication. Sharing your experiences about the letters you write and receive with others going through the same process, can add value to your learning experience.


Last chance to sign up was Sunday October 15th at 23.55 pm CMT

If you want information about the next time I run The PenPal Project – please sign up for my newsletter or follow me on social media.


The small print

In order to participate you need to give me both your email and your postal address. A PO Box is ok, if that is what you prefer. I will give this address to one other person – your pen pal. By signing up for the challenge, you simultaneously give me permission to do so, and to send you emails about both The PenPal Project and other issues. Please trust that I will never misuse your information in any way. The PenPal Project itself is free of charge – but you should count on a few expenses for stamps, envelopes and paper. Participation will be at your own responsibility. If you have any questions before signing up, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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